Streamline marketing compliance

Financial Promotion Compliance Screening, Approval, and Monitoring Platform.

Artificial intelligence

We engineer AI-driven solutions from idea to production, emphasising results which can be controlled and trusted.

Data engineering

We create and automate your key data cleaning and transformation processes for optimal insights and efficiency.

Cloud services

We design your cloud solutions to ensure seamless functionality with streamlined, high-performance architecture.

API development

We craft APIs that unlock new ways of interfacing your product and core value proposition with the outside world.

Dashboards and web apps

We build your dashboards and data-centric saas to deliver modern, user-centric experiences to you and your clients.

Sarah Touzani

CEO of Waggle
AI co-pilot for people who manage people

"The team at GOODFOLIO SERVICES exceeded our expectations with their exceptional skills and dedication in delivering innovative features for us.

Their ability to understand our needs and transform them into functional and user-friendly solutions has been key for us.  We are thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and the results they have provided."

Ashley Smith

Digital Identity for Physical Products

"GOODFOLIO SERVICES team clearly understand start-up challenges well and have been extremely flexible, essential at our stage of growth.

The quality of work has been consistently high, with plenty of questions to ensure a good understanding of the intended behaviour and purpose. No ask has proved too complex and they have regularly added value by going above and beyond."

One API-powered platform with applications across the marketing compliance lifecycle.

Mass review and due diligence

Conduct comprehensive large-scale reviews and advanced screening to audit and identify risks in existing marketing efforts.

Utilise GOODFinProm.AI for in-depth content due diligence on influencers and affiliates, enabling extensive partnership capabilities, ensuring safe and compliant growth, allowing you to screen and monitor at a scale and depth previously unattainable.

Marketing to compliance streamlining

Add first-pass checks for marketing before final review and compliance sign-off, reducing revisions and increasing the likelihood of approval.

Transform your marketing workflow with GOODFinProm.AI, balancing agility and compliance, significantly speeding up the approval process and improving campaign speed to production.

Monitoring and quality assurance

Implement automatic compliance checks post-launch with continuous monitoring and quality assurance.

Keep your campaigns compliant, up-to-date, and monitor affiliate and influencer activities to mitigate the risk of non-compliance, giving you peace of mind and maintaining the highest standards of marketing compliance with the right systems.

New era of financial promotion compliance management.


Conduct a wide range of compliance checks effortlessly from verifying existence of correct disclaimers to highlighting risks of unsubstantiated sustainability claims.

GOODFinProm.AI is designed for versatility, handling diverse compliance needs across various content types, including video.


Customise compliance to fit your firm’s specific needs and risk profile. Extract guidelines and integrate them with your existing checklists for a tailored solution.

This initial customisation can evolve at regular checkpoints with feedback from your firm’s unique engagement with the process.


API-based design enables embedding into existing processes through seamless integrations.

GOODFinProm.AI dashboard creates a centralised hub for ongoing management and utilisation of the capabilities, streamlining and enhancing rather than disrupting existing processes or workflows.

The Squad

We actively recruit top-tier talent from global communities, under the guidance of our UK-based leadership. At GOODFOLIO SERVICES, diversity isn’t an afterthought—it’s our strength. We actively source talent from communities worldwide, many seeking better opportunities after geographical dislocation. This commitment doesn’t just reflect our ethical stance; it shapes our unique, innovative solutions.

Omid Pakseresht, CEO

Our CEO and co-founder, is the strategic compass behind GOODFOLIO SERVICES. With a long history in product management, fintech, and data solutions, Omid doesn’t just offer technical insight; he provides a roadmap where technology meets real-world solutions.

Working teams of 15+ engineers, analysts, and data scientists, he has led the research and development of an array of solutions and data-focused products including at Record Plc., Clear AI, and Dyad.

Nima Pakseresht, CTO

Our CTO and co-founder is the technical powerhouse of our organisation. Backed by a pHD in Computer Science and mathematical modelling of biological systems, Nima is a recognised leader in the fields of data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Alongside his experience in leading transformative projects in tier-1 banks and pioneering developments in bioinformatics institutes, Nima ensures that GOODFOLIO SERVICES remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

Amin, Data Engineer

Mary, Fullstack Dev

Mo, Frontend Dev

Team augmentation

Consulting services

In addition to our comprehensive custom development solutions, we provide team augmentation and consulting services. If, for example, you have an existing tech lead and need additional support on a temporary basis, our team of skilled independent developers is ready to assist.

Likewise, we offer consultancy services encompassing both product development strategy and technical implementation. This is particularly valuable in fields like data engineering, AI and automation where our highly innovative technical leadership can make a significant impact to your business.

Learn More

Explore how GOODFinProm.AI can elevate your marketing compliance strategy. Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and create new capabilities, offering a balanced approach to versatility and customisation.

Discover the difference GOODFinProm.AI can make in enhancing marketing compliance workflows while enabling marketing strategy. Contact us for a tailored discussion on how we can support your specific use-case.

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